NHBPM- Day 22

“Write about what you’re thankful for”

Pretty sure this prompt fell on Thanksgiving… and it’s now less than a week from Christmas. I’m terrible!

Anyway, I’ll keep it simple and do a list.

I’m thankful for:

– My family. Shout-out to my parents! I’ve laughed with and at them. I’ve cried and fought with them. I’ve shared my highest moments and lowest depressions. They mean the world to me and I couldn’t have asked for a better pair even if I had wanted to…which I don’t.

-My brother. Mashed potato Nater. Sometimes it’s hard to have in-depth conversations with a brother who is six years younger than you. We still don’t necessarily sit and have hours upon hours of conversation, but with him, we don’t need to. A few words is all it usually takes for us to know what the other means.

-My friends. Duh, of course! There are a few specific people who I’m especially thankful for. They showed me what true friendship means and that distance doesn’t mean a damn thing.

-Wine. God, I don’t know what I would do without it. I don’t really drink during the week anymore, so I’m all the more thankful when Friday night rolls around.

-My body. Despite a defective pancreas, my body works. I can walk, I’m strong and lately I’ve really been pushing myself to get in the best shape possible. I’m lucky I have the ability to do that, and I think about those everyday who would love to run but can’t.

-Insulin. Nope, it’s not a cure to the big D, but it sure as hell beats the starvation method being used prior to insulin discovery, which if you’ll recall wasn’t that long ago. Less than 100 years. Ponder that.

-Life! It’s truly beautiful when you open your eyes and look around.


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