NHBPM- Day 20

Day 20’s NHBPM post: “Write about alternative treatments/regimens/ medicine. What do you support? What is crazy?”

Considering I’ve just decided to throw away all of my non-organic and non-natural lotions (starting only with my face and body lotions and body washes for now) and will from now on be using all natural products and homemade products, I’m all for alternative treatments, regimens and medicine. I will also be writing a follow up post on this about my new routine… once I finish my NHBPM posts (almost done, I promise!).

Here’s what I’ve done outside of the realm of taking my insulin and Synthroid (because those are a must, as is any type of “Western” medicine when diagnosed with something like diabetes) for Type 1 diabetes and hypothyroidism.

-Cinnamon supplements for blood sugar maintenance (I did this when I was wrongly diagnosed as a Type 2 since it’s said to help. I still occasionally take the supplements)

-Reike sessions. Reike is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. I’ve had a few sessions and they are truly an amazing experience each time.

-Egg cleansing. (yes, you heard correctly) Originating from Mesoamerica, shamans have been using eggs to heal the body for many years.

-Healing stones. Along with my reiki sessions, I’ve done some work with healing stones.

-Yoga. Some might not consider this an alternative treatment, but it does come from the Eastern hemisphere. I do yoga to be fit, like a lot of people, but also do healing yoga practices as part of my medical regimen.

-Vitamins, minerals and supplements. I change these up every few months depending on how I’m feeling but always stick with a multi and fish oil. Currently in my rotation along with those two is Biotin and a B Complex. I did have Green Tea as well, but just ran out. So now I drink it.

I haven’t done things like acupuncture or eating spiders to heal myself, but I wouldn’t turn my head away from those things either if they were thought to help. I would actually like to try acupuncture one day, when I get the funds to do so.

Honestly, nothing is really too crazy to me when it comes to health regimens. Everyone should do what works for them, and if having an egg rubbed over my body while smoke billows around my face makes me feel better, by God I’m going to do it!

One thing I do know is that the Western hemisphere relies heavily on prescribing medicine. You have constant headaches? Here’s a prescription for that. Feel bloated? There’s a pill for that. A lot of times, we have pills shoved into our face to help us when in actuality, we can use more natural remedies to help our ailments, and in return we are helping our bodies.

So, with all that said, I say do what works for you! Sometimes we get cursed with having a chronic disease and it’s up to us to take care of ourselves in any way we see fit. A lot of the things I do for my health regimen also help my mental health, and that’s half the battle.


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