NHBPM- Day 18

“I want to change THIS about healthcare…”

Wow, there’s SO much I want to change about the U.S. healthcare system. First, I’d like to say thanks to President Obama. Without Obamacare, I would have been, for lack of a better term, royally fucked. My diabetes and hypothyroidism diagnosis came when I was moved out of my parent’s house, four months graduated from college and working in a small consulting company that didn’t offer health insurance. Obamacare allowed me to stay on my parent’s health insurance plan. Thank goodness too. Do you know how much insulin costs without insurance? What about Synthroid? What about the thousands of test strips and lancets?

It ain’t cheap.

I’m not going to complain about the cost of my medication. It’s expensive. Insurance is expensive and I’m thankful I’m covered. Without getting into the real flaws I find in our healthcare system that don’t directly relate to me, I’ll talk about my experiences with healthcare in the U.S. that I find frustrating.

The FDA. There are some great diabetes technologies out there that just aren’t available in the U.S. because they are not FDA approved. There’s a stall somewhere in the paperwork, while they pass drugs like Viagra and male enhancement shit. These technologies include a meter that I found while reading a DOC blog. I wanted it but quickly found out this PWD lived in Canada where the meter was readily available, as was the insurance that covered the test strips. The FDA makes life hard when you live with a chronic disease. It’s almost like they don’t want you to have the tools that could make life easier. I constantly curse their name.

Speaking of insurance. Have you ever had to call your insurance company to talk about coverage? I’m sure every person with a chronic disease or health issue knows exactly what I’m talking about. The wait times are astronomical, and when you finally talk to someone, they don’t have an answer for you so you get passed around like a hot potato trying to figure out whether your insurance will cover the very thing you need to keep you alive.

And let’s talk about coverage for a minute. Why is it that insurance companies are so damn slow to get on board with covering new technologies? I want a new glucometer. It’s the Telcare system. It’s pretty, it lights up, it tracks numbers and patterns, it’s much more technologically advanced than my OneTouch Mini (no offense to my minis!). Does my insurance cover it? No. Of course.

My complaints aren’t new. They are the echoes of every person who relies on medicine to live. Our healthcare system needs a huge reform.

Or at least shorter wait times.


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