NHBPM- Day 17

“My strengths and weaknesses list post” is the Day 17 prompt for NHBPM (yup, I realize it’s no longer November, but I have been enjoying writing these posts).

I have a lot of strengths and a lot of weaknesses, probably like most people reading this blog. Depending on what the situation is, my strengths could be my weakness and vice versa, so I’ll just name a few of what I think are my strongest strengths and weaknesses.

-I’m extremely caring. This can be both a strength and weakness, especially since I tend to put other people in front of me. I’m slowly learning that I can’t do that though, and have been trying to do what’s best for me in most situations.

-I like things done my way. I get really antsy and annoyed when something is done in a way that I wouldn’t do it. I try to bite my tongue if the situation isn’t a big deal, but usually can’t control what I say if I have a strong opinion on the matter.

-I like to plan things. I have tons of lists going at any given time. I like to know what is happening at all times. This can definitely be a strength and a weakness. Since my diagnosis, I have become more flexible though since a lot of times things happen unplanned.

-I’m positive. For the most part, I’m a cheerleader. I have been called “bubbly” a lot in my lifetime and I attribute that to my attitude. Positive thinking really does wonders for a person’s psyche and those around them.

-I have a lot of love to give. This might go along with the caring but it’s true. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and I think a lot of that has to do with love. Unfortunately, I’ve been burned by this a few times and while I will always consider myself a loving person, my last relationship taught me that being too free with that love doesn’t always end well.

-I have a constant, nagging feeling that I could or should be doing more with my life. I’m not 100% happy about my life situation and do my best not to let it bring me down on a daily basis. Not living in the present is something I struggle with sometimes and definitely wish I could change.

I realize some of these are not clear cut strengths and weakness. This list is not all inclusive, of course and has much more to do with my mental health and well-being than physical.


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