NHBPM- Day 10

Day 10 of the NHBPM challenge is to write an LOL post. I laugh a lot. Sometimes uncontrollably. Sometimes to the point of crying. Sometimes to the displeasure and embarrassment to those around me. I laugh unabashedly. I love to laugh.

Here’s a story about my laughing.

Three coworkers and I were en route to a cooking class in Alexandria, VA from Arlington. As we were walking from work to the Metro, we were all talking and laughing animatedly. I’m lucky in that my coworkers are also people I consider friends, so we all have a great relationship and act in the same way one does with friends.

As we neared the elevator that would take us down to the station, we came upon a fairly large group of people waiting for the same elevator. There were a couple groups of people also talking loudly and laughing with each other while they waited. When the elevator came, everyone piled in. I was facing an older man and one of my coworkers, while my other coworkers were to my side. I’m sure that the groups of people who had been clumped together outside the elevator were standing near each other.

However, the laughter and chatting that was so vibrant just a minute before boarding the elevator came to a complete standstill once inside. The only noise that could be heard was the grinding of the elevator as it started its descent. I started looking around at everyone and noticed the same look on everyone’s face. The averted eyes, neutral expressions. I looked up at the older man in front of me, willing him to look at me, but his eyes remained at a fixed point somewhere above my head.

I started to laugh. First, it started as a giggle but quickly turned into a full on fit of laughter. Here were all of these people, my group included, who had been having a conversation and probably cut it off as soon as they were in the elevator. Here were all of these people trying so hard to avoid eye contact, clearly uncomfortable in an elevator full of strangers. It was hilarious.

What made it even funnier is that absolutely no one said anything. No one started laughing with me. No one did anything. In fact, I probably made everyone a bit more uncomfortable because they thought I was crazy.

When I think back to that elevator ride, and most elevator rides I’ve had since, I can’t help but laugh. I also can’t help but be happy that I’m the kind of person who doesn’t mind making a fool of themselves so they can laugh.

“I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t laugh”


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