NHBPM- Day Two

Today’s prompt for NHBPM is: “Find a quote and use it as inspiration”

I’m not entirely sure how this should be interpreted, but I’m going to use the quote that continuously helps me get through my days, especially when I begin to struggle with the idea of having a lifelong chronic disease.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become.”- Buddha

Everyone can derive inspiration in their own way from this quote… or maybe not at all. Obviously, everyone has their own quote that touches them.

Since my diagnosis, I’ve tried to adopt a very zen attitude about life. This quote inspires me to put my best foot forward every day. If I’m having a bad day and think negatively, my day only gets worse. If I begin to look at the positives, my mood usually gets better. The mind is a powerful tool and has the ability to transform a person. I try to always remember that.


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