Happy Halloween!

I thought it was only appropriate to post a Halloween related post on October 31st! I love the idea of Halloween, and I love candy and spooky movies, but I’ve never been a fan of trying to find a costume. Every year, I always struggle with figuring out what to be which has led me to not dress up for the past few years. Consequently, I haven’t ever actually gone out and participated in Halloween festivities.

This year, I did a Halloween bar crawl in Dupont Circle, so I HAD to figure out a costume. I went with something I could pull together from my closet, and while it may be a little overdone, I thought it was a pretty fun costume. All I had to do was make my ears! So… what was I?

Minnie Mouse!

Here are a few pics from the night (stolen from Nazy):

Veronica Cornerstone and Minnie Mouse

Cutest Couple Award goes to Nazy & Jeff- aka, Ron Burgundy & Veronica Cornerstone

Minnie Mouse getting her groove on, or getting accosted?

Ron Burgundy had his wig stolen..

Baaaaxter in the air!

It was a bit crazy out in DC with a lot of extremely intoxicated people (who I don’t think go out that often based on all the face plants and fights happening) but a ton of fun.

As for actually celebrating Halloween on the 31st? I’m dressed up as Minnie at work, listening to a Halloween playlist on Spotify and plan on going home after work and relaxing with some chocolate, a glass of wine, DSMA (diabetes social media advocacy chat on Twitter every Wednesday) and a scary movie.

Happy Halloween!


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