“Welcome to Miami”

It’s been a busy month for me between work commitments and social obligations, including an awesome mid-month trip to Miami to visit one of my closest friends. I’ve wanted to go down to Miami for a while and after a few hiccups in my summer that left me not only drained, but also with abandoned vacation plans, I decided to buy a ticket and go. I had such an amazing time! It’s been almost a month (already!) since I’ve been back and I’m still missing it (I’m the worst at coming back from vacations!).

James was sent to Miami as part of the Teach for America program, but is originally from Baltimore. We met three years ago working at Superkids Camp, an amazing program for Baltimore City children during the summer, and became friends instantly. We’ve always had kind of a long-distance friendship because he was in NYC during the school year while I was in Baltimore, but we’ve been able to maintain our friendship through visits (I would go to NYC- he would come to Baltimore) and phone calls.

This is us in 2010

Summer 2012 at Brewer’s Art in Baltimore

September 2012 in Miami

My trip came at a great time because I was definitely feeling the stress from work and the weather in DC is starting to do that weird in-between Summer and Fall thing (I absolutely LOVE Fall, but the weather is so finnicky and goes from hot to cold in a matter of hours). Plus, I was pale as a ghost and knew Miami would put some color into my skin.

James lives in Midtown and has an amazing view of downtown Miami.

My first morning in Miami

I spent my first day exploring South Beach by myself while James was at work. I loved the retro signs and buildings in Miami beach (I felt like I was walking the set of Burn Notice), the vibrant atmosphere, the different cultures, the clubs that had their music going at 11 in the morning (were people even in there?). I spent most of the day lounging on the beach, soaking in the gorgeous sun, and relaxing in the cool, crystal blue water.

When I was done lounging, I stopped by the grocery store to pick up some snacks (and booze) and headed back to the apartment. James and I headed to the Marlin’s game in the new, completed air-conditioned stadium. It was a fun time, but neither of us are into baseball (unless we are seeing the O’s) so we mostly went for the beer and food.

After the game, we hit up a couple of bars that were very “Miami.” And that’s how most of my trip was. Lounging on the beach by day, partying Miami style by night.

We hit up a really cool bar called “Wood” in Wynwood, which is the arts district in Miami. It was a very colorful section of town with lots of art on the buildings. I met someone who claimed to be a stunt double on Burn Notice, but I think he just used that line to impress me. It’s still a mystery to me, and I wasn’t too impressed. 🙂

Before I knew it, I was gearing up to travel back to DC. My liver and wallet were probably pretty thankful, even if I wasn’t.

On my last night in Miami, James and I made dinner and sat out on the balcony rehashing my trip and a lot of our past memories together. James is one of my best friends, and I was really sad to have to leave so quickly. But, that just means I’ll have to plan another trip to Miami soon. I’m certainly not complaining about that!

Until next time, Miami…


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