Stepping Out for Diabetes

This past weekend, I made the trip up I-95 from DC to Baltimore so I could wake up bright and early for the Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes in Baltimore City.

This is an annual walk sponsored by the American Diabetes Association and is in almost every city in the United States. It’s a walk to raise money to find a cure for diabetes, and more than $20 million was raised last year.

Last year, I walked in the DC walk with A (I wrote about it last year). I was newly diagnosed (not even sure properly diagnosed yet) and had no idea what I was doing. I was in the middle of a crowd where everyone was yelling about stopping diabetes and I just kept thinking, “why am I here?” I really just couldn’t believe that I was walking to raise money and find a cure for a disease I had. It was surreal.

This year, I’m totally different. I’ve accepted the disease and feel a lot more comfortable in a crowd of people walking to stop diabetes. I did the walk this year with my mom and had a blast! It was nice to share such a huge part of my life with her in a way that rallies people together to support finding a cure for diabetes.

My mom and I walked around with our coffee and grabbed a ton of free goodies and diabetes literature. I brought her over to the information booth where they had the new meter that hooks into the iPhone and she was totally impressed. I think she really wants me to be able to have something like that, although test strips aren’t fully covered by insurance with that meter.

It was a fun morning for me, and obviously a morning that made me feel good about my life. As a “Red Strider” (someone with diabetes), I received a goodie bag with a red hat. My mom told me I should wear it, and I said no. She asked if it was because I didn’t want people to know I had diabetes (she was kidding of course). I just don’t like hats!

These walks are important because it means one day there might be a cure. One day, with the money that is raised by each participant, researchers and doctors might be able to move one step closer.


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