Happy One Year “Diaversary”

Well diabetes, we’ve been together a whole year as of last week on September 19th. I can’t say you were a welcome addition to my life as a 22 year old only a few months moved out of my parent’s house post-graduation. You interrupted my life in ways I never thought imaginable, disguising yourself as back pain which led me to my initial doctor’s visit. You made me lose weight, which under normal circumstances would have been a miracle considering the amount of food I was eating but wasn’t because along with that you made me fall asleep all the time. You didn’t care whether I was working, driving or rock climbing. You also robbed me of my sight for a little while, turning my world into a blur of colors as my favorite season approached. You forced me to prick my finger multiple times a day to test my blood sugar and stab myself with a needle for insulin injections, both of which I’ve found out can be pretty painful.

Diabetes, you have forced me to go to the doctors more times in a year than I thought possible and made the horrible process of having blood work done a normal part of my life. You have infested yourself into my body and in turn my body now thinks my beta cells are evil invaders, when in fact they are the good guys and you are bad! Diabetes, you have kept me awake at night during lows and stressed me out during highs. You’ve left me shaking and starving at times. You’ve created stress because of how expensive you are to manage and stress about the future of my healthcare. You’ve made me feel sad, lonely, mad, scared, tired and grateful all at the same time.

Grateful, you ask? Diabetes, I know you question that because you are inherently evil and I know that’s the last thing you would ever want me to feel. But yes, grateful because I’m still alive. Grateful that I currently have healthcare and can afford to take care of myself. Grateful that while there isn’t a cure (yet) there is a way to manage you when there wasn’t less than 100 years ago. I’m more appreciative of my body and my life because of you. I eat better than I ever did because you force me to watch what I eat. I’ve learned to love running because you seem to respond pretty well when I run, and when you’re happy I’m happy. It’s true, diabetes, that I base a lot of my life off of you. I spend a lot of time thinking about you when I could be thinking about other things that aren’t so annoying. But you and me, diabetes, we are in this together. We have this thing for life and while I didn’t ask for you to be a part of my life, I’m a very accepting person and that’s why I’ll celebrate you. Every year on September 19th, you and I will have a little party because life is a celebration! Happy One Year!

Happy One Year, Diabetes



2 thoughts on “Happy One Year “Diaversary”

  1. Wow, okay, so I’m almost in tears. Girl, you inspire me. I am really, really proud of you. You take responsibility for this new part of your health. You educate yourself, you show up for yourself. And you’re grateful! Girlfriend I have chills right now because you talk about this part of you with such conviction and strength, and yet you’re gentle with yourself, too. Chills. Happy 1-yr anniversary!

  2. Hey Liz! Quite a ride. I think it’s good to acknowledge all that you’ve gone through, and all of the hard work you do everyday to take care of yourself. I mark each year with a little pat on the back, and it helps me hold my chin up even when the days get hard.

    I’m glad you’re sharing your story here – thank you!

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