I’m not sure what the cause of my newest fear is, especially since it’s something I’ve been doing at an upwards of six times a day since November, but I’ve developed a slight fear of testing my blood sugar.

If you hear claims of “pain-free testing,” don’t believe it! Those claims are totally false. There is absolutely no such thing as pain-free testing. How can there be when you are poking your finger with a sprung needle? Ouch.

Ever since I started testing when I was diagnosed with diabetes almost a year ago (can’t believe that!) I didn’t really think twice about poking my finger with the lancet. Sure, it hurt. Yes, my fingers would go through periods of being sore from too many pricks, but I never hesitated to test. Lately though, I have about a three second delay from when I stick my lancing device to my finger and when I press the button for the needle to release. I get a little bit anxious and hesitant.

The same has been happening with my stomach injections. Especially after this past weekend when I did an injection and then had a nasty looking, raised red rash in the area for the rest of the day.

I guess my anxiety isn’t that abnormal. Who likes causing themselves pain, even when it is quick and not all that intense? And there it is. It’s a quick jab in the stomach or the finger, a pinch that lasts a few seconds before it is gone and I’m on about my day. But I don’t like these pinches. I don’t like inflicting pain on myself.

There is no such thing as pain-free testing. Diabetes, unfortunately, is not a pain-free disease. It requires a lot of needles and a lot of blood. I’m sure I’ll get over this temporary phobia, because honestly, what choice do I have? I’ve got another solid 50 years (if I’m lucky) of jabs, pokes, and pinches.

All I have to say is “ouch!!”

“The body says no, no, no”


One thought on “Ouch

  1. I’ve recently experienced the same thing. I can’t exactly call it a fear, but I’m hesitating a bit when poking myself and I wince. The pain isn’t enough to justify a wince, but there it is.

    Changing the infusion sets for my pump is the worst, though. Shots never bothered me. Infusion sets sure do, though! They don’t really hurt, but I can’t see the needle and therefore imagine a larger one. And the inserter is like a big lancet that I have to cock and squeeze. Yuck. I’m slowly getting used to it.

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