Where In the World Is Liz?

ImageIf only I looked as cool as Carmen Sandiego when I disappear…

I realize I haven’t posted in, oh I don’t know, about ten years… slight exaggeration. It has been about two months and my blog is something I’ve severely missed.

When I was blogging, I had an outlet for everything. I usually have so many thoughts throughout the day that it’s hard to remember what I thought about. Organizing all of that into a something I can work with isn’t always easy. I should really buy stock in Post-It notes with all the lists I have floating around.

Anyway, I’m not going to make a promise to post every day, but I will make the promise to myself to post at least three times a week for now with the eventual hope of posting every day.

And here are other promises I’m making to myself right now:

-Start meditating and yoga practice every day (used to be so good about this, but have been slacking)

-Make a cleaning schedule

-Go grocery shopping regularly (you can only be so inventive with the things in your cabinet before you start eating crackers with peanut butter and a piece of lettuce every day because that’s all you’ve got left)

-Start doing some creative writing. I have so many story ideas, I should really start writing them out and letting them form.

-Get back into running. I hate running, but I like the way it makes me feel. Make sense? Didn’t think so.

Happy Thursday. I’m welcoming myself back to my blog.


One thought on “Where In the World Is Liz?

  1. Dude you are just as cool as Carmen San Diego. You know I fully support your goal to incorporate more yoga into your daility routine. Welcome back!

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