Spring Has Sprung

I’ve tried several times to write a new post. But life has been busy. And I haven’t been feeling all that in the “writing” mood. I’ve been more in the “get outside and enjoy the weather” or “time to do all this stuff around the apartment that you’ve been putting off” or “I’m too tired from work because I’ve been killing my eyes reading small numbers all day” mood.

But I’m here now… and will give you a peek at what I’ve been doing around the new apartment.

After a hectic few weeks, I’ve finally spent some time with my furniture and some spray paint. Feeling inspired and creative, I’ve come up with a HUGE list of other projects I want to complete, so pictures are sure to ensue. Maybe even some step by step guides for some of my cooler projects.

I love crafting.

These pictures show the cool parts of my apartment. Not the big pile of clothes on the floor of my bedroom where my dresser will go once I get it. Until then, my dresser is a big corner of my floor. It’s not attractive, trust me.

I took a lot of random pictures, but they include a pretty sweet colorful rug I picked up at A.C. Moore for $5. I put that baby in my kitchen by the sink… where I seem to spend a lot of time washing dishes and killing ants.

My flowers and plants have been doing really well in my apartment. Probably because of the insane amount of light that streams into the living room. My once dead plant is now healthy and alive and so green! That makes me very happy.

The biggest project I had going on was a corkboard in my kitchen. There was a lot of white wall space in my kitchen that I knew needed to be filled, so I decided to do a corkboard. I picked up four tiles, instead of one huge corkboard because I thought it would be more visually appealing. I took it a step further by picking up some pretty scrapbook paper and attaching it to two of the corkboards.

The end result looks awesome and is totally functional for hanging keys, bills, grocery lists, receipts, pictures, whatever. Functionality is my favorite!

This past weekend, I worked on an old lamp and lamp shade as well as some vases and my end table in my living room.

Things are shaping up and starting to feel more and more like mine. Now if I just had a little puppy running around…


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