I Moved!

That’s all!

Exciting and busy this past weekend setting up my digs. Of course, A and I decided to move everything on the day it RAINED!

Friday started out ominous with overcast, gray skies but from the weather report, no rain! And then, it came.

But, there was no way I wasn’t moving. We loaded up A’s truck and my car with everything, covered the stuff in the truck with a tarp and braved the rain in the half hour drive to my new place. I was a nervous wreck the whole time!

We made it, though. The rain had stopped and we just had to work through our hunger pangs to get everything inside. It was a long night, but I was so glad to get into my new place finally. Knowing I was moving for the past month was exciting yet tedious because I just wanted to do it already.

I spent the weekend cleaning, napping, attending an unconventional wedding and organizing. My parents came to visit on Sunday and brought lots of home goodies to help start my apartment. My Mom, the master organizer, also took charge and helped me with furniture placements and my Dad, the master of tools, hung up some curtain rods.

I finished my Ball jar project! I put lentils, oat meal, gluten free flours, coconut, cocoa, Chia seeds, Flax seeds and all of my other loose dry ingredients into cute Ball jars for easy storage.

I was a little bit sad to see my parents go. My eyes teared up a little bit. But then I remembered my fabulous apartment, turned the music up and got to cleaning. I mopped and scrubbed. I took out some decorations, set up my bedroom, cleaned up my closet and then watched Never Been Kissed. 

Here are some pics of my apartment before I moved:

My Kitchen!

Living Room

A made amazing omelets for the first meal in the apartment… (check the makeshift table made out of my nightstand)

More pictures to come once I set up some more!


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