Someone Call the Eye Doctor ASAP!

Upon initially being diagnosed with diabetes (the wrong type- gosh, I feel so gypped out of a proper diagnosis date since I technically have two) I was told how important it was to see an eye doctor as soon as possible. Eye complications are a common problem among diabetics, especially those with poorer control, which causes higher blood sugars.

Unfortunately, a little thing called insurance prevented me from going to the eye doctor until a year from my last appointment. Now that it’s been a full year, I can finally make an appointment to get these bad boys checked out.

It’s been a rough road with them. I’ve worn reading glasses since high school, but my vision took a turn for the worse when I was first diagnosed with diabetes. My glasses, which I was wearing full time, were no longer giving me clear vision. I could barely see and driving was a nightmare. I actually got scared I might go blind or have serious eye damage from how high my blood sugars had been.

But once I received a correct diagnosis and began treating as per Type 1.5, I miraculously gained my eye sight back. Not only did my eyes go back to the way they were before that first diagnosis. They went back to the way they were before I needed glasses. Eight years ago.

Seriously! It happened one morning in the passenger seat of A’s car. I had my glasses on but things looked a bit blurry, so I took them off to clean the lenses. I looked outside after a few seconds and everything looked so crisp and clear. I could read the road sign from a distance. Things had a shape, rather than the blurry form I was used to. It was amazing.

I spent a blissful three weeks without needing my glasses.

Then my bad vision came back.

Luckily, I have an appointment soon and will hopefully be getting some new stylish lenses (like the ones below!) and contacts (dun dun duuun!). I’m a little scared about the contacts.

I’m not sure how well I will be able to stick my finger in my eye.

Anyway, this doctor’s appointment needs to get here SOON because my eyes are so strained at the moment.

Work has me staring at thousands of numbers all week long.

And we all know how I feel about numbers….

Happy (hopefully number free)  Tuesday!


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