Ask Me…


Ok, I just really liked this picture. A bit Spartacus or 300 like.

And the spelling of “diabetes.”

My grandma says “diabeetus.”

I don’t correct her anymore. I figure she has the disease too. She can say it however she damn well pleases.

Funny story about Christmas, my grandmother and my diabetes.

My grandma was on the phone with my mother telling her how she gave everyone lots of chocolate in each of their Christmas bags… except for me. My mom was quite shocked and told my grandma that I would be none too pleased.

“But Lizabeth (that’s what she calls me) has diabetes. I don’t want to give her sugar!”

Oh grandma, grandma, grandma. If only she knew that 10-20% of my daily caloric intake probably comes from dark chocolate.

I like it plain. I like it salty. I like it with nuts and toffee.

I’m a poet and didn’t even know it.

Anyway, I was quite upset upon hearing how I was being discriminated against by my beloved grandmother for having diabetes. I made that quite clear.

Oh, the shame!

And I ended up with a beautiful bar of dark chocolate with crystallized ginger and an Intense Orange Dark Chocolate bar from Lindt.

(Thanks Grandma! I love you 🙂 Shout-out to both of my grandparents! You rock!)

My blood sugar loved every piece of it.

What it didn’t love was the oatmeal I tried to eat a week later. But that’s another story about me and my “diabeetus.”

Happy Friday everyone! Remember, a little chocolate never hurt nobody!


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