New Puppies and Weird Breakfasts

Consistent posting. I like it! I like it a lot!

Hope everyone is having a great Hump Day! Only two more days until the weekend. Woohoo! Not that I have anything exciting planned. But not having to go to work is always a nice thing.

I was at work LATE last night. Like, past 5, which never happens. But, with being sick last week and having Monday off, I was feeling far behind on my work. People started trickling out of the office around 3 and I was left by myself by 4:15. I wanted to leave. Beat the traffic. Go home and change into comfy pants. Lounge around and watch Liz Lemon talk about Star Wars. But I stayed. It’s the overachiever in me, I think.

Then, I took my productivity up a notch further and went to the gym when I was finally done working. To say I’m a gym rat is quite laughable. But I do spend my lunch hour in the gym rather than stuffing my face with cheeseburgers from Wendy’s (wait, my diabetes prevents me from doing that anyway!). Ok, I don’t stuff my face with anything during my lunch hour. Instead, I change out of my work clothes into uber attractive workout clothes, swap out the cute flats for my beat up tennis shoes, grab my book (I’ve been on a Marian Keyes kick lately) and hop on the treadmill.

Whhaaaat?? How do you read on the treadmill? I know you are asking yourself this. Well, it’s because I don’t actually run on the treadmill. Which is what I think they were created for, right?

This is why I do not consider myself a gym rat. I walk for 45 minutes on the treadmill (at a brisk pace, mind you) while reading my book while all around me people are running their butts off making the gym a lot stinkier than when I got there. I applaud them and sometimes I feel quite inadequate next to the man running 100 miles per hour. But, then I think about how I am burning calories AND reading a book. Multi-tasking at its greatest. Then I don’t feel so inadequate. Because I can at least put “good multi-tasker” on my resume, right?

Anyway, after the gym, I checked my phone and had a barrage of text messages from both my roommate and our friend, Brett.

Brett said, “I’m coming over!”

Michael (my roommate) said, “Did you know Brett is coming over?”

Well, I do now and thanks for the heads up. Ruined my plans of watching 30 Rock and eating broccoli.

But, it was good to catch up with Brett, who has been holed up in a secret place with his new girlfriend (hi!!!). Young love. So cute!

We all ate Chipotle and the two men stared at me in astonishment as I only ate part of the chicken salad I ordered and put the rest away.

Then I broke it out this morning for breakfast at work.

Looks super gross, but tasted amazing. My Chipotle order has changed significantly since I was diagnosed with diabetes. It used to be a big ol’ burrito bowl for me with lots of rice (mmmm) beans, corn, hot salsa (which has a surprisingly large amount of carbs) chicken and so forth. Then I realized eating a big bowl of rice is probably not the best thing for my dinky pancreas. So, I switched my order to salad with chicken, a little bit of black beans, tomato salsa, cheese and guacamole (best part!).

So carb smart… except when I added the yummy crackers I just bought to the salad. But hey, they are totally gluten free and for 16 crackers, only 20 carbs. And there are only 5 crackers in that picture! (We won’t talk about the other 5 crackers I ate in the car…)

Like, I said weird breakfast. That’s how I usually am though, with sandwiches, avocado, tuna in the morning and yogurt for lunch. Seriously guys. I just had a yogurt for lunch. Shouldn’t they be the other way around? I confuse myself….

In other Liz news, my house has gained an additional member, bringing the grand total of the three bedroom two bathroom house to six! 3 adults, 1 princess and 2 toddlers.

The princess is of course Lilly.

The toddlers are Skylos….

And Max…

Max is a Morkie that Kelly rescued from a family who kept him in a crate all the time and left him alone while they traveled. When she first brought him home I thought I was going to die from his terrible smell. His last owners literally kept him in his own urine. He was matted all over and I could barely see his face. Plus, he’s like two pounds so he really just looked like a hairy, messy rat.

Now that he smells much better and has been groomed, he’s actually quite the adorable little puppy. He’s eight months old, weighs five pounds soaking wet and has the sweetest temperament. He loves cuddling and is super calm. The only time he ever barks or whines is when he can’t get up or down the stairs.

So, there’s Max. Welcome to the mad house, buddy! You’ll find lots of love from everyone except the princess. And even then, she might surprise you…


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