Understanding Diabetes- In Video Form

Today might be one of the best mornings I’ve had all week!

Well, besides stepping in dog poop for the third time this week. Seriously, whose dog is roaming around in the neighborhood taking poops by my Subaru!?

I even moved parking spots to avoid the dog poop pile I stepped in twice on Tuesday.

It’s following me, apparently. Does anyone know where I can get those secret spy cameras? Sherlock Liz over here is about to solve this mystery.

Anyway, besides the aforementioned dog poop, I have had a great morning. Why, you ask?

Because I found a new blog. And I love finding new blogs that I instantly love. Even if they’ve been around for years. They are brand spankin’ new to me.

Meet Mike Lawson over at “What Some Would Call Lies.” He is a diabetic, a podcaster, a blogger, a comedian and his videos are guaranteed to make you laugh. Plus, he does this awesome thing every Monday morning where he writes the week’s mantra on a Post-It and sticks it on his mirror.

Anyway, I just ran across a video he did a while back about diabetes myths. It pretty much sums up my post from the other day. Just in video form. Informational and entertaining, I dare you to watch it and not laugh.

Hopefully you learn from it too. So thanks again Mike, for this video.


2 thoughts on “Understanding Diabetes- In Video Form

  1. Very good entry Liz 🙂 I’m just setting up my new 2012 diabetes / weight loss blog, and it’s going to be under the 365 wordpress challenge, so I’ll be posting every day. That will be a challenge! I enjoyed the video you’ve posted, so I’m going to add it to my introductory blog to get things rolling. Hope your well.

    • Hey Fiona! I’ve been super busy with the start of the new year and I’m finally getting back into the swing of things as far as blogging goes. I will definitely check out your blog and what you’ve written. The 365 day challenge will be super hard! But you can totally do it!
      Talk soon!

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