It’s Not Just Massive Student Loans Keeping Me Awake At Night

I know, I know… I’ve promised everyone a crash course on diabetes. You’re all waiting to read it the second I put it up, I know. Don’t worry… Wikipedia has all of the answers too.

Frankly, I’m disappointed that I haven’t gotten my post up yet either. I’ve been working on it on and off all weekend in between seeing the boyfriend, bracing the malls for crazy holiday shopping (I never want to go to the mall again!), hanging with my roommate, picking up friends from the airport, eating yummy Thai food and dealing with crazy lows.

All I can say is the post will most definitely be up tomorrow. Just have to finish and edit. But right now I’m too tired to do anything except find a funny movie on Netflix and go to sleep.

I was pretty sure my first diabetes post on my blog would be an informational one. I didn’t want to introduce everyone to diabetes on a bad note.

But here it is. Hypoglycemia, aka low blood sugar. More common in Type 1 (or Type 1.5) diabetics because of their use of insulin, hypoglycemia can happen to anyone taking medicine to lower their blood glucose levels.

Hypoglycemia generally occurs once the blood sugar drops below 70 mg/dL, however some people feel the effects of low blood sugar at a higher number. Sometimes I think I’m low, test and get a number in the 80’s. Fake-out!

Effects of low blood sugar range from shakiness and irritability, to confusion and weakness. Many people know their bodies well enough to know when their blood sugar is low, although I’ve read a few stories about people who have had diabetes for years and no longer feel when they are low.

Usually I can catch my symptoms and after testing, will have a number in the low 60’s. However, this weekend I seemed to be going low all day and all night, despite eating what I thought was enough carbs.

Thai food, rice… HELLO! I ate you all up!

Saturday night was the absolute worst. Going low while sleeping can be dangerous. If it’s not caught, low blood sugar can lead to unconsciousness and diabetic coma. I first woke up about two hours after falling asleep and felt “weird” but was too tired to actually test my blood sugar.


I fell back asleep.

And woke up an hour later completely drenched in sweat.

On the handful of occasions this has happened to me since starting insulin, I knew I was low. My lows like to come in the form of drenched pajamas and sheets, as well as a lightheaded feeling upon waking.

Of course, instead of first testing, I changed my pajamas. Ever woken up completely drenched? It’s worse than wearing wet jeans. I hate wet jeans.

It might even be worse than the dog poop I stepped in this morning.

Anyway, after I was out of my sweaty clothes, I tested. 48 mg/dL. Ugh. I had never been so low. I quickly ate some Tropical Fruit glucose tablets.

They don’t taste all that fruity.

They really just taste like pure sugar with a hint of flavor.

But they work quickly.

So, I fell back asleep thinking I wouldn’t be disturbed again.

An hour later I woke back up. I felt weird again. There was no way I could be low. No way.

*shunk* (That, if you didn’t know, is the sound my lancet makes to draw blood from my finger)


3, 2, 1… 52 mg/dL


I couldn’t stand the thought of eating more glucose tablets. I went down to the kitchen and drank some juice.

And for fun I ate a cookie.

And a piece of chocolate. Dove Peppermint Bark to be exact.

Back to sleep I went just to wake up one more time, check my blood sugar and find I was slightly higher but still below 70 mg/dL. So with two more glucose tablets, I went back to sleep.

Seems like after a week of hard to control, high blood sugars, my body decided to do the opposite for a while.

Oh diabetes. You have cost me precious sleep time which has left me completely wiped after a long Monday at work.

But I forgive you.

Because we all know relationships can’t survive without forgiveness. Nothing lasts without forgiveness.

And since you and I have to spend a lifetime together, I might as well forgive you.

But just this once. Don’t do it again.

Who am I kidding? I think you’re laughing at me now, Mr. D. You just watch yourself. I know where you live.

Here’s to a restful night without Mr. D disturbing me (or you)!


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