An Ode to Lilly

I’ve been working on a post about diabetes all night, but have the attention span of a five year old at the moment. Could be because I’ve been running around like crazy planning a holiday party at work and am finally able to relax tonight. It could be because I have a messy room that I’ve been cleaning in between spurts of catching up on “The New Girl” (love that show!!). I’m also probably not done writing because I took a much needed two hour nap. So, tomorrow, I will have a Diabetes 1.0 crash course post. I think it’s probably a necessary post to have considering many of my readers probably don’t know anything about diabetes other than those ridiculous blood glucose meter commercials about painless testing (believe me, it’s not painless) or how diabetes can be prevented by eating less sugar (not true).

Just a preview of what will be in the post- it will include information about the different types of diabetes. Different types?! I know, I know… the media only focuses on Type 2 diabetes and the epidemic in America. For a good reason too. 90% of diabetes patients are Type 2. But then there’s that pesky 10%. I’ll talk all about Type 1 and Type 1.5 diabetes, both of which are auto-immune diseases where the body mistakes healthy insulin producing beta cells in the pancreas as foreign invaders. And then kills them off, leaving a non-working, non-insulin producing pancreas. It’s even better than that series “Spartacus.” I promise. I’ll delve into the raging argument between holistic medicine and conventional medicine. And I throw in some statistics. Everyone loves statistics, right?

But tonight, on this lovely (yet chilly) Friday night where I have done nothing but relax (and exercise, but that was kind of relaxing too) I dedicate this post to my roommate’s cat, Lilly.

She’s a fluffy white lady who deals with this guy all day:

He’s quite a cutie, but also a little too rambunctious for Lilly. Anyway, Lilly has some, uhh, anger issues. She doesn’t like new people. She doesn’t tolerate dogs. Children annoy her.

My roommate told me that the vet’s office put caution tape around her cage one time because she was so vicious.

And for the longest time she avoided me like the plague. And I avoided her. Sure I wanted to pet her fluffy white fur. But she scared me. This eight pound ball of fur frightened me to no end.

But recently, she’s been unusually friendly. It started out with her sneaking into my room and climbing into my boxes. Then she would hang out on my bench. In the past week, she’s taken over my bed every night.

It took six months, but I think we finally have a good thing going:

So, here’s to you Lilly. I appreciate you letting me finally pet that white fur of yours. I also like that you don’t hiss and swat at me every time I walk by you anymore. And I really thought it was cute when you started rubbing your little cheeks against my computer screen, gradually moving to my hand and then licking my face with your sandpaper tongue.

To many more lazy nights where you seem like you actually like me:

And, just as an after thought… I would like to say that I am not a crazy cat lady. Just a fan of super cute fluff balls.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Friday night!


3 thoughts on “An Ode to Lilly

  1. Impossible! Lilly has a soft side?? Glad she is finally being a soft lazy lovable cat for you. Those are always nice to have around when you just want to be alone, but not really. Love that you had a post dedicated to her. Looking forward to the crash course.

    • I know, right! Until she tried to bite my hand off. Oh well… at least I know she can be nice sometimes. Crash course coming tonight. I’m almost done writing the post… busy weekend. Just have to edit. Thanks for reading. As always. Also, we need to plan a night to get together this week!

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