7 Minutes In Heaven

No, not that silly game teenager’s play at their first boy-girl party. I’m talking seven minutes of relaxation for your soul… which, to me, translates into heaven.

I’ve always known yoga is good for the mind, body and soul. Every time I get done a yoga session, I always feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle whatever comes at me in my often chaotic, messy days. I always tell myself to do more yoga. Seriously… here is a mental clip I have quite often.

“Wow, I feel so relaxed after those 15 minutes of yoga. I really need to do this more often.”

My inner monologue is so poetic, I know.

But, the truth is, I don’t do yoga as much as I want. I find much inspiration from my dear friend Sarah, who is a faithful yogi (waking up before the sun comes up on Monday mornings to practice yoga at a studio takes serious dedication). You can check out all of her yoga adventures, as well as her baking creations on her blog at http://collegekidyoga.wordpress.com/.

I guarantee you will find her full of life and as inspiring as I do. Shout out! She’s also my favorite walking buddy. Early morning conversations during long walks with great friends is also great for the mind, body and soul. But I digress…

Back to yoga. Now if only I was as flexible as Sarah…

Maybe that’s part of the reason why I don’t engage in yoga as much as I would like. My flexibility has always been, how should I put this… non-existent. I’m serious. Ok, not really. I’m actually more flexible now than ever, but that’s probably in part to the sporadic yoga. Which means I should probably do it more so I can get into bendy positions like this:

Actually, I really just want to be able to do this without feeling like my legs are on fire and going to fall off:

Anyway, this morning I woke up, showered and decided I didn’t give a damn about my hair. Au natural aka curly, I was letting it air dry as I put on my makeup, made breakfast and danced around my room to Stereophonic’s “Maybe Tomorrow” (you know you like that song too!).

Then I had a brilliant idea as I looked at the clock to see I still had plenty of time before I had to leave the house and fight through traffic.

Tara Stiles morning yoga! Bingo. A seven minute YouTube video that will transform your morning.

And my morning was transformed. Introduced to Tara Stiles through Sarah, I knew this woman had to be amazing.  While I’m not quite as flexible as Ms. Stiles (who makes folding her body in half look so darn easy), she is an awesome inspiration with a whole slew of yoga videos on YouTube from beginner (oh, me me me!) to advanced.

I finished up that seven minute video (it went by super quick) and went on with the rest of my morning, feeling better than I had all week.

I’m thinking yoga might be a good addition to my morning beauty routine. My roommates will hopefully be able to sleep through all the noise when I fall over from trying some yogitastic move.



8 thoughts on “7 Minutes In Heaven

  1. I heard about this great idea of doing yoga or stretching in traffic (only when the car is stopped though). I can’t remember where or who told me…. oh wait I remember now :). Don’t worry if people can sleep when the guard dog is running down the stairs I’m sure I can sleep when your falling over while doing yoga

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